There was a time when jewelry was all about clean, formal, organized, and well… uptight! Ha! Yes, we said it. Now, there is no reason why you can’t still showcase your own style and keep it demure and traditional in look. But why not take advantage of the times at hand and go more whimsical, bold, and colorful! Yes, color is huge right now, but not specific to things like birthstones and numbered anniversary gemstones. Those will have their time again someday, but today, 2019, it’s all about breaking the rules and having some fun with your jewelry choices.

Try taking a pearl and leather bracelet and mix it on the same wrist with a gold or silver chain or charm bracelet. Maybe even add in some colorful gemstone charms. Messy and multiple are the rules for this year, so give it a go with your existing collection or contact Kailee at Hamilton Jewelry Chicago for some new pieces to add to your jewelry repertoire. This rule isn’t just for bracelets, no-no-no. Messy and multiple applies to necklaces, earrings, ankle bracelets, and rings as well. Layer some necklaces of varying length and precious metals to really give yourself a modern chic look that will amp your style up a notch or two without being overly ostentatious or gaudy.

Same goes for rings. Now, don’t go nuts with the rings. You do have to use your finger and nothing looks more unresolved than a set of “fancy” knuckles. You don’t want to go overboard with giant rings across your fingers, but you can achieve a messy and multiple look with a few larger gemmed rings and then mixing in some precious metal bands or smaller gemstone rings.

Bracelets, rings, necklaces… all of these are your opportunity for taking your personal style and throwing in some current trends, keeping your look fresh and fun. Trends change all of the time, but your style is yours, so don’t let it go. You can keep your style while adding in some fun trends like messy and multiple that will help you stay on point with your presentation. It’s all about how you feel and trying some fun things as layering and color mashups can only enhance the beauty that is you and your groove. Be you, stay true to you, and always keep improving you!