Three Summer 2019 Trends You Must Try

Hamilton Jewelry Chicago has the scoop on what’s hot for Summer 2019 when it comes to bling and ornament.

Try these three jewelry “musts” with your style.

It’s all about YOU and your style! That’s the fact. So, this summer is just getting off the ground, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to try a few jewelry choices that are trending and will work with ANYONE and ANY STYLE… guaranteed! Go simple and classic or wild and chic; it’s your call. Any way you cut it, these three ‘idea gems’ (pun intended!) are going to work with your style. Try them at work, casual hangouts with friends, and definitely when meeting up with that special someone on date night! Well, enough build-up – here you go!

Layered Necklaces and Pendants…

…are HOT right now! You don’t have to be a tweener to enjoy this one of the three Summer 2019 trends. Any age can enjoy this; any style will accommodate this great fun fashion choice. This summer, take a few of your favorite chains and pendants and layer them to give your outfit a jolt of energy and style. Now, don’t go crazy and go too “heavy” or “light” in look. You want to get noticed, but in the best way; not as that girl who couldn’t figure out how much or how little to put on. Also, keep in mind your outfit neckline and overall visual “weight” to make sure the layering balances with the entire look and feel. Remember, this is your chance to add in some color with gemstones along with your gold, silver, platinum, leather, or whatever else you might embellish your neckline with typically. Just try a few on and see what you think. If you don’t like something, remove it and try something else until you get that perfect look for the hours that lie ahead. You cannot screw this up. Have fun with it!

Arm Cuffs…

…are so IN we can’t stand it! No, the arm cuff is not reserved for Queen Nefertiti and Princess Leia Halloween costumes. Yes, you can make them work with your current wardrobe. The second of the three Summer 2019 trends, Arm cuffs, are super hot right now. They work with more evening and special event outfits, like dresses. They can range from classic in style to the more modern and transitional pieces. Any way you view them, they’re a fun way to add some unexpected bling to your outfit without going too crazy and outside your style. Give them a go!

Ankle Bracelets…

…are BACK and BIGGER than ever this summer! Like most trends, the ankle bracelet has been in vogue time and time again. This little adornment trend has been around for millennia. It’s always been an obvious and easy way to add some elegance and bling to any style and with ease. From charms to rope bands to diamond strands and even encrusted cuffs, the ankle bracelet is versatile and has a plethora of options with very little in the “rules” department. Try different thicknesses and weights along with metals and colors to find the right pieces to dress up or dress down your looks. This summer, the third of the three Summer 2019 trends, the ankle bracelet, is back with a vengeance, and the only limits are your imagination, so have some fun close to your feet!